500 PESETAS face value coin (2 reals, silver)

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Metal: 925 fine silver
Weight: 6.75 grams
Diameter: 27 mm
Form: Circular with striated edge
Quality: Proof
Mintage struck: 20,000 pieces


OBVERSE: In the center of the field is a reproduction a 2 real silver coin of King Charles II, struck in Segovia. Surrounding the central motif is the legend CASA DE LA MONEDA DE SEGOVIA above; and 2001, the year struck, below. The use of the king's name in monogram as the central theme on this coin, comprises one of the rare examples breaking the tradition of placing the Spanish coat of arms as a motif on 1 and 2 real coins. This concept was associated with attempts to make small denomination coins of a lower fineness for circulation in Spain, while the 4 and 8 real pieces would serve for external commerce.

REVERSE: In the center of the field is the representation of a waterwheel, such as used at the Royal Segovia Mill Mint. Surrounding that central motif is the legend 2,000 PESETAS above, and ESPAÑA below; on the lower left an aqueduct (Segovia mintmark), and on the lower right a crowned M (Madrid mintmark). The Mill Mint had 14 waterwheels, measuring 13 ½ feet in diameter, to power the minting machinery: rolling and flattening mills, coining mills, as well as the metal lathe, drop hammer and bellows of the forge in the smithy shop. In 1661, copying this system, waterwheels were installed to power mills at the Mints in Cuenca and Granada, while animal power was used for mills installed at the other mints, due to lack of a nearby river.