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The Association

Friends of the Segovia Mint was established on November 5, 1993 to promote the restoration of the famous mint in Segovia, 53 miles from Madrid, Spain.

Mint History

The Segovia Mint has a fascinating history. It was built in 1583 by Juan de Herrera, Spain's most famous architect of all time, and equipped with the most modern German waterwheel-driven minting technology. Today, the site is considered to be the oldest industrial building still standing in Spain and one of the oldest remaining in the world. (Translation in Esperanto)


A variety of gold, silver, and copper coins and medal were produced at the Segovia mill mint from 1586 up until 1868, when it was closed and all minting activities were finally consolidated in Madrid.

Minting Technology

The Royal Mill Mint of Segovia was one of the first examples of a truly complex, mechanized industrial manufacturing plant in the history of mankind. Today, the Segovia Mint building is considered to be the oldest original example in the world, still standing, of a structure specifically designed as a mechanized industrial manufacturing plant. In this section, we examine the development of minting technology and its relation to the Segovia Mint.

Restoration Project

The idea to save the historic Segovia Mint has slowly taken shape over the past 40 years. In this section, we outline current project goals, describe the proposed museum layout and give a detailed chronology of related events. Photos include artist conceptions of the proposed coining workshops and views of actual restoration work carried out.


Here you can find a listing of publications about the Segovia Mint.


In this section we publish articles written specifically for the FRIENDS OF THE SEGOVIA MINT website. We will attempt to publish several articles a year and invite submissions from all interested contributors.

Research And Investigation

The files of the Association contain thousands of references to historic documentation for Segovia and other Spanish mints as well as monetary policy in general. Now you can use our powerful search engine to consult over 6,000 files in our data base of historic documents.

Visit The Mint

Take a photo tour of the Segovia mint in this section. Those interested in personally visiting the mint can contact Segovia city hall, preferably several days in advance of the requested visit.

Visit Segovia

The City of Segovia, declared Patrimony Of Mankind by UNESCO in 1985, and barely an hour by car from Madrid's international airport, is one of Spain's most popular destinations. See some of its most famous sites and monuments here.


This section contains links to other numismatic sites, official government and private mints from around the world, and links to information about Segovia. This site is also a member of the Numismatic WebRing and Coin Collector's WebRing, which connect you to coin related sites all over the world.

Euromint Project

The Friends of the Segovia Mint Association is participating in a project of the European Commission's External Interregional Cooperation Projects, Ecos-Ouverture Programme, titled: "EuroMint - Medieval and Early Modern European Mints Itinerary". The project is headed up by a team representing the historic Oporto Mint in Portugal, with participation of two other principal groups, one representing the Segovia Mint in Spain, and the other the old Kutná Hora Mint in the Chech Republic. The project aims at creating an itinerary of historic European Mints, among other aspects which are explained in detail